K Concept Holding Sal creates and invests in corporations that are not only viable business ventures, but that are also destined to play an integral part in nation building often by having a human centered approach to problem solving using innovation, technology and creativity.
NewsMediaSal publishes Executive Magazine, a monthly on-agenda analytical publication dedicated to influencing policy and promoting corporate best practices.
Capital Concept Sal is the authority on Shareholder Rights protection. CC provides stakeholders with in-depth advice to better assess and evaluate underlying risks in the companies they are exposed to. CC also advises companies and regulators in embedding progressive corporate governance programs.
Shareholder-Rights.com defends shareholder rights worldwide. SR investigates companies’ shareholder rights related practices. SR publishes the findings of our reviews and investigations. SR engages in constructive discussions with regulators and lawmakers in order to trigger change and promote shareholder democracy.
Beyond its executive search activity, PrimeJob Sal advises corporations on nomination and remunerations policies. It is the only company in the Middle East that offers pre-hire investigations, a crucial service when employing senior executives or nominating board members.
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